Sunday, May 23, 2010

This once favorite series has lost it's southern charm

Dead In The Family (Southern Vampire Mysteries #10)
Charlaine Harris

Sookie is once again embroiled in Supe politics, but I still don't really understand what's going on. Now that the Weres have gone public, the government wants them to register (racial profiling, anyone?!) but they are resisting. Eric's maker is in Shreveport after being separated for over 100 years and he has brought an interesting vampire with him. There are several faeries who are hanging around Sookie's place but she can't figure out who they are or why they are there.

I realize this is a series and I have read every book so I should be fully aware of the back-details. But, let's be realistic, it's been several months since I read the 9th book and some of the details were a little fuzzy and I would have benefited from some subtle reminders - subtle reminders that Harris absolutely did NOT include; therefore, I spent over half of the book confused and trying to figure out what it was that I couldn't remember. I found Sookie to be completely whiny and petty in this book and she seriously annoyed me. When did she lose that naive charm and become manipulative (not to mention she really upped the cursing!). Eric lacked the smug confidence that I love about him and he was totally not sexy. The plot was slow moving and then suddenly everything was explained in the final 20 pages. Jason also did a complete 180 and was suddenly an understanding, supporting, and loving brother.

Overall, this book seemed completely disconnected from the earlier books and the plots are getting weaker. Eh. I'll probably give the next one a try for nostalgia sake but I am on the verge of writing these off!

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