Sunday, May 16, 2010

Move over Dan Brown - Boyd Morrison has debuted!

The Ark
Boyd Morrison

Take home message: The best thriller I have read in years! Slightly nerdy, wicked handsome, ex-military engineer hero; kick-ass PhD archaeologist heroine; an alternate view of the Biblical Noah's Ark; and a bio-warfare agent that will leave you terrified.

Dilaria Kenner is an biological archaeologist who comes by it naturally, her father dedicated his life to discovering Noah's Ark and unraveling the mystery of the Biblical flood but disappeared under suspicious circumstances three years ago. Now, she is being summoned from South America back home by an old family friend and psuedo-uncle, Sam Watson. Sam insists on meeting her at the airport and is acting uncharacteristically paranoid, all for good reason: with his dying breath he tells her that her father found the Ark before he died and whispers a series of words: Genesis. Dawn. Oasis. and finally Tyler Locke. She is curious about what is going on but does not doubt Sam when she almost dies twice in 12 hours - what is so important that someone wants her dead? The key seems to be Locke.

Dilaria and Tyler, along with wildly lovable Grant Westerfield, embark on a mission that unearths a fanatic religious society that believes the only way to save human civilization is to start again, a series of cryptic clues left to Dilaria from her father that encourage her to continue his search for Noah's Ark, and a premonition that these two unlikely scenarios are related through the threat of a biological disease that is unstoppable.

What makes The Ark so much better than every other thriller book in recent memory? The action-packed storyline that has you madly flipping pages and sitting on the edge of your seat as Morrison weaves together a terrifying current threat, a Biblical mystery that has thwarted scholars for 6,000 years, and characters that are not only likable but also realistically flawed. The ex-military background of Tyler and Grant give the story another extra touch of relevance and their engineering know-how throws in enough science talk to have this girl smitten.

Move over Dan Brown, Boyd Morrison is now at the top of my thriller must-read list!


  1. Sounds like a great book! I'll need to put this on my TBR. It sounds way better than Dan Brown (who keeps repeating himself a bit, I think).

    Thanks for sharing! JudithAnn

  2. I like the main character, Tyler Locke, better than I like Robert Langdon. Also, this one was a little less conspiracy theory-ish. If you decide to read it, I look forward to seeing what you think!

    Morrison's next book comes out in November and is entitled Rogue Wave, it's about a tsunami in Hawaii. I like that it seems completely different than this one!