Sunday, May 9, 2010

The MacGregor's are my new favorite family

Rebellion (The MacGregors)
Nora Roberts

Darn you all for encouraging me to dig a little deeper for some of NR's Harlequin romance novels!!! Now I am going to be addicted to this short series...I hope I can get them all from the library.

The MacGregor's are a royal Scottish clan in the mid-1700's who are extremely close, generous, and have had their brush with the English Army. Coll, the oldest of the children, is returning to his family home of Glennroe after being gone for a year and is bringing with him his closest from from his travels, Brigham Langston - an English Lord with Scottish family ties. While the MacGregor's are thrilled to have Coll back at home, fiery- tempered Serena is appalled to have an Englishman in her home and staying with her family. However, there is something about him that she can't resist and she is unlike any woman he has ever met....

I am loving this month of romance! I admit that I probably should squeeze in something that is a little more substantial, one cannot live on dessert alone, but I can never resist the lure of a good Scottish/Irish historical romance :) I was pleasantly surprised that even writing under Harlequin - notorious for fairly wimpy storylines - NR managed to create lovable characters and a plot that centered on more than just the main characters and their burning passion for each other, two aspects that I appreciate in her newer work as well!

Off to reserve the next installment of the MacGregor saga!

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