Monday, May 3, 2010

I want a Knight In Shining Armor!

A Knight in Shining Armor
Jude Deveraux

How could I not take the romance recommendation from this months tag selector, doughgirl?! I am always looking for a good romance novel and this one was definitely one of the better ones I have read!

Dougless is excited to be taking a month-long romantic vacation to England with her boyfriend, Robert; she is sure he is going to pop the question! However, things do not go quite according to plan and she ends up alone in a small town outside a church that was dedicated to Earl Nicholas Stanford, a nobelman who was beheaded for treason in 1564. As Dougless is in the church, lamenting her misfortune, Nicholas suddenly arrives in the church - pre-beheading - from 400 years previous! With lots of doubt and misgivings, Dougless and Nicholas set off to prove his innocence, prevent his beheading, and possibly fall in love along the way ;)

Before I launch into the spoilers I will say, for those of you who might be debating this book, the characters both had flaws but ones that ended up being outweighed by the good in the end. The time-traveling aspect was not necessarily original but I will say there was an interesting twist on getting back to your proper time period! lol. The ending was totally happily-ever-after without being cliche and maybe not exactly what you were expecting. Oh, and this one did not skimp on the juicy details! :) Highly recommended.


This was a really great book! I liked the time-traveling aspects and I love historical romance novels - this was the best of both worlds. Nicholas was definitely drool-worthy; he had some character flaws but ended up coming around in the end. At the beginning of the story, I really wanted to give Dougless a swift kick in the butt for the things she was putting up with from Robert and how she thought that she was so in love with him when he had zero respect for her! She definitely improved and I'm glad she finally got the chance to stand up for herself.

I also really liked how the same character personalities were reborn in the present day that existed in the same families in the 16th century - it provided a interesting parallels and showed how your actions can alter relationships for years to come. The one aspect I found a little irritating was that it was kind of the same story told twice: first, we had Nicholas in the present day, getting used to modern conveniences, and convincing Dougless of who he was and then we had Dougless in the 16th century, getting used to primitive conveniences, and convincing Nicholas of who she was. This made moving into the second half of the story a little slow. However, the ending MORE than made up for it! I liked that it wasn't a clich├ęd ending where one of them had to give up their life and remain in an uncomfortable time yet it was totally satisfying and even brought a little tear to my eye :)

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