Monday, March 29, 2010

All the world's a stage

Witness in Death (in Death #10)
J.D. Robb

By now, I think everyone knows the premise of the In Death book - ass-kicking lt. in the futuristic New New York married to drop-dead gorgeous yet sensitive Irish businessman. Batman and Robin step aside, this is the crime-fighting duo of tomorrow.

Roarke has convinced Eve to have a night on the town and see the opening of a play that is in the playhouse that he owns (surprise, Roarke owns something!). The play is a bit of a throw-back because it is using actual actors instead of holograms so all the towns glitterati are there. In the final scene, as the female lead goes to stab the male lead, Eve notices that the knife is real....and there has been a murder. As the investigation unfolds, real life eerily mirrors the play!

I loved the premise of this book and thought that the use of actors as suspects, witnesses, and victim added an interesting angle because you never quite knew if they were being honest or acting...and they're flair for the dramatic left me smiling. However, I am still confused by the ending of this book! There were many twists I didn't see coming but a couple of them were so out-there that they bordered on ridiculous, not to mention confusing.

All in all, I enjoyed the book (I thought it was adorable that Eve tried to do something for Roarke) but the ending was a bit of a disappointment. Not my favorite book in the series but still a solid contribution - hey, not every book of your almost 40 installment series can be my favorite!

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