Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shamelessly going where....many women go but don't talk about

My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands
Chelsea Handler

Relationships are not all lifelong commitments with the man of your dreams - and no one knows that better than Chelsea Handler! She hilariously documents the briefest (and most unlikely) of her sexual encounters, showing that women do not have to be ashamed to know what they want and to unabashedly go after it. Her stories had me laughing out loud at the bold-faced lies she told to get men into bed, the lengths she went to avoid running into them again (they're ONE NIGHT for a reason), and her descriptions of her family (especially her dad) as she redefines the meaning of "black sheep".

Admittedly, the descriptions of Chelsea's escapades aren't for everyone seeing as they are liberally sprinkled with a lack of morals, creative combinations of profanity, and copious amount of alcohol but reading her stories made me feel like I was having a Saturday night with my girlfriends, swapping our crazy stories (cause who doesn't have at least one?) at the downtown bar as we sip on extra dirty vodka martinis with 4 olives (not three - I will make you take it back!) as we watch incredibly attractive men saunter past. Kind of makes me want to plan a girls weekend.... :)

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