Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Loyalty for one of my favorite series!

Loyalty in Death (Book 10)
J.D. Robb

My 2010 reading year started off a little rough - several 2 star books and The Stand. I needed a guaranteed good-read to get me back on track...and Eve and Roarke are always good reads! A woman who unprovoked and cold-heartedly murders her long-term millionaire boyfriend by drilling him to the wall with the power tool that he, ironically, manufactures; a disenchanted veteran of the Urban Wars, who went underground as a genius electronics guru, is found dead with his tongue cut out; and Eve gets ominous threats declaring that the corrupt government must be disbanded and returned to the faithful citizens. Eve, her fearless aide Peabody, her literary drool-worthy husband Roarke, and the technical supporters McNab and Feeney are determined to solve all three cases...becoming more determined as all three cases merge into one.

I love this series! I just started it last year and it has quickly become my go-to series when I need a quick read to pick me up. I love Eve and Roarke's relationship but am ready for it to grow to the next level, past the layers of distrust and more into their individual pasts. I enjoyed that Peabody had some family in town to give a little more insight to her past, and it was just nice to see her fully let her guard down around someone; it provided great insights to her personality as outgoing outside of the uniform and willing to love someone whole-heartedly. I always love book that have mythological themes, so that was another bonus.

Overall, another solid addition to the In Death series and the next installment is already on my TBR shelf!


And I LOVE that Peabody and McNab finally acted on that sexual tension that has been building! I hope their relationship hangs around for a while.

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