Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes your frog turns into a KING!

The Frog Prince
Elle Lothlorien

Sometimes your frog turns into a prince, even when you don't want him to.

The Frog Prince is a chick lit novel by a new author that is only available on Kindle. In my experience, that be a toss up between a poorly written, poorly edited, copycat story that is destined for obscurity or a rare diamond in the rough that introduces me to a new author. The Frog Prince was definitely the latter. With intelligent wit, self-deprecating humor, and predictable chick lit romance with a bit of a twist, this story had me spell-bound from start to finish.

Leigh Fromm is gorgeous. Super-model gorgeous. But don't be too quick to judge. She lives in a trailer park, conducts human sexuality research (which you all know I find endlessly fascinating), and she is incredibly awkward and clumsy in social situations - resulting in odd sexual facts spewing out of her mouth at odd times! She meets Roman Lorraine at her great-aunts funeral (quircky) when she impales his foot with her stiletto. Imagine her surprise when he finds her charming...and turns out to be the crown prince of Austria. It is a title in name only because Austria hasn't had a monarchy in over 80 years but all that could change in a matter of seconds and make him the King.

Leigh was funny and charming, in an awkward way; Roman was royalty with an environmental penchant, evidenced by him building homes in Swiss Family Robinson-esque tree house fashion; and the chick lit romance was predictable with a unique and fun twist. A couple things that I found irritating were that the dating timeline contradicted itself and there was a little too much German for me (I don't have anything against German, I just don't speak it. A sentence here or there is great and I can usually get the general meaning but paragraphs of it with no translation just kind of annoyed me).

Overall, a great debut novel that will have me reaching for Ms. Lothlorien's future books! Also, the fact that her last name is the same as a Middle-Earth Elven forest will ensure that I don't forget her :)

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