Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Great mystery, juvenile relationship

Judgment in Death (In Death #12)
J.D. Robb

Surprise! There is a serial killer on the loose in NYC and Lt. Eve Dallas has to track him down. Oh, and of course her billionaire, mouth-watering husband, Roarke, is tangled up in the investigation. Plus, Eve and Roarke have to (yet again) overcome their personal issues with commitment to make their marriage work. And Eve has to face another little sliver of her past. Have I forgotten anything?

Obviously, the In Death Series has some trends that are present in all of the books. However, I thought this one was a cut above the rest because of the mystery - someone has a vendetta against some of NYPD's finest...or are they the finest? I also liked that the storyline was kind of two separate ones that wove in and out with each other at different points before coming together at the end. The bad guy wasn't overly obvious and it wasn't a black/white case of someone being a horrible person and deserving the worst the law had to throw at him.

While I thought the mystery portion was one of the best so far, I really need Eve and Roarke to move onto the next level of their relationship. I am a little tired of the bantering back and forth over the same old arguments. Also, there was a lot of hostility between them in this one and I thought that Roarke acted way outside of usually slick persona. Personally, I love their interplay but it is getting a little ridiculous that he is involved in every case Eve has....it would be nice to see her tackle something on her own.

Regardless of the less sparkling portions of my review, I continue to love this series! Mainly due to the 1) above average series mystery storylines, 2) Roarke (yum), and 3) the fabulous supporting characters that are very well thought out and developed. The next installment is on my tbr.

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