Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This was less of a "savor" and more of a "devour" read!

Savor the Moment (Bride Quartet #3)
Nora Roberts

One romance novel, a bottle of wine, and a half-bar of spicy dark chocolate has reinforced how much I love Nora Roberts as an author! It was fantastic to read this book (in less than 5 hours I might add - I absolutely devoured it!) on the heels of so many young adult books. NR might be a little MadLib-ish at times but the woman can write a book that completely pulls you in to the story and the characters without making it feel like it was formed from a cookie-cutter plot. I love the subtleties of the characters and how, even though I know what is coming in the end (could they really not end up together?!) I appreciate the normalcy of the relationship that the characters go through - the doubts, stupid fights, bonding with girls over man-bashing, panicking when you realize you're in love. And, what I think Nora Roberts does better than the rest, is the development of the friendship, the relationships outside of the primary guy/girl dating - the friends in this Quartet makes me appreciate my girls...and wish we were talented enough to start a wedding business together! lol

The third installment of the Bride Quartet follows the Laurel, the bakery chef at Vows - an all-inclusive wedding planning service ran by four best friends. Laurel comes from a less-than fortunate family in the upper-class area of Greenwich, CT, who has always been in love with her best friend's older brother. When the sexual tension between Laurel and Del hits a boiling point they both have to face feelings they have been burying for decades.

I loved reading this novel cover-to-cover but now I am, once again, out of new Nora Roberts and have to wait another couple months for her next new release!

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